Mercury Car Keys Replacement

Supreme Locksmith offers all of your locksmith service needs, any Mercury model, and any year.

Supreme Locksmith offers all of your locksmith service needs, any Mercury model, and any year. We are based in fremont, however we travel just about anywhere in the San Francisco Bay area to provide you with quality mobile locksmith service on site. We have all the required equipment and experience with all Mercury make cars trucks and locking mechanisms. So no matter if you want remote, transponder, keyless, or smart Mercury keys, when you call Supreme Locksmith you can rest assured you have made the right choice.

Have you lost your Mercury Car Keys, or perhaps just need a spare key?

Supreme Locksmith will come to your location, and will cut a new key from scratch right there. We can also program a remote or make any fob or keyless entry remote. We Can also also erase the old key and prevent it from being able to start the car in case your old key fell to the wrong hands.

Supreme Locksmith Provides the following Mercury Locksmith Services

  • Mercury Broken Key Extraction
  • Mercury Fob Keys
  • Mercury Ignition Rekey
  • Mercury Ignition Repair
  • Mercury Ignition Replacement
  • Mercury Key Duplication
  • Mercury Key Replacement
  • Mercury Keyless Entry Remote Programming
  • Mercury Keyless Entry Remote Replacement
  • Mercury Lockout
  • Mercury Lost Keys
  • Mercury Remote Programming
  • Mercury Smart Keys
  • Mercury Transponder Key Duplication
  • Mercury Transponder Key Program
  • Mercury Trunk Lockout
  • Mercury Unlock

Supreme Locksmith Services all of Mercury Models, Any Year

Mercury Bobcat (1975–1980) Mercury Bobcat (1975–1980) Mercury Brougham/Park Lane Brougham (1967–1968) Mercury Capri (1970–1977, 1979–1986, 1991–1994) Mercury Colony Park (1957–1991) Mercury Comet (1960–1965, 1971–1977) Mercury Comet (1966–1969) Mercury Commuter (1957–1968) Mercury Cougar (1967–1973, 1999–2002) Mercury Cougar (1967–2002) Mercury Cougar (1974–1997) Mercury Cougar (1977 and 1982) Mercury Custom (1956) Mercury Custom Monterey (1955–1956) Mercury Cyclone (1964–1972) Mercury Eight (1939–1951) Mercury Grand Marquis (1983–2011) Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia (1975–1976) Mercury LN7 (1982–1983) Mercury Lynx (1981–1987) Mercury Lynx (1981–1987) Mercury M-Series (1946-1968; Canada only) Mercury Marauder (19631/2-1965, 1969–1970 and 2003–2004) Mercury Marauder X-100 (1969–1970) Mercury Mariner (2005–2011) Mercury Marquis (1967–1982) Mercury Marquis (1970–1986) Mercury Marquis (1983–1986) Mercury Medalist (1956) Mercury Meteor (1960–1961) Mercury Meteor (1962–1963) Mercury Milan (2006–2011) Mercury Monarch (1975–1980) Mercury Montclair (1955–1960, 1964–1968) Mercury Montego (1968–1976) Mercury Montego (1968–1976) Mercury Montego (2005–2007) Mercury Monterey (1950–1974) Mercury Monterey (1953–1956) Mercury Monterey (2004–2007) Mercury Mountaineer (1997–2010) Mercury Mystique (1995–2000) Mercury Park Lane (1958–1960, 1964–1968) Mercury S-22 (1961–1963) Mercury S-33 (1962–1963) Mercury S-55 (1962–19631/2 and 1966–1967) Mercury Sable (1986–2005) Mercury Topaz (1984–1994) Mercury Tracer (1988–1989, 1991–1999) Mercury Tracer (1988–1989, 1991–1999) Mercury Turnpike Cruiser (1957–1958) Mercury Villager (1993–2003) Mercury Voyager (1957) Mercury Zephyr (1978–1983)


Supreme Locksmith has state of the art locksmith equipment covering all major vehicle makes, we are able to make duplicate and replacement car keys, remotes, fobs, and much more.