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In an effort to keep your family and assets safe, you need reliable security features in place to do that. That means you need locks or keys that are effective at keeping intruders at bay.

While you can always invest in the latest security technologies, locks and keys are always subject to breaking, failing, or getting lost when it comes to keys. When these occurrences strike, it's always when you least expect it and can least afford for it to happen.

Your options when dealing with lock and key issues are restricted. You are going to need help from a professional locksmith. If you live in the Fremont area, you are going to need the best locksmith in Fremont California. The evidence suggests that would be Supreme Locksmith.

At Supreme Locksmith, our highly trained team of professional locksmith technicians stands at the ready to meet your locksmith needs. That includes the servicing of locks/keys/surveillance systems for your residence, office, and car.

What sets us apart from the competition for the top locksmith in Fremont is the high level of expertise our technicians bring to the job. When hired, they come to work for us with the attitude they want to do the job right the first time, every time. For management's part, we provide our technicians with the training, tools, and supplies they will need to successfully service all of your locksmith needs. It's a team approach to solving age-old problems

In the following sections, we offer you specific details on our locksmith services.

If you get locked out of your house or lose your house keys, we'll send a highly trained mobile locksmith to help you get back into your house. They can also make you new keys, fix or replace locks.
If you get locked out of the office, it can cost your business money. With one phone call to Supreme Locksmith, a top technician can open the door, rekey the office locks, produce new keys, and or recommend changes to your security system.
If you are away from home, you can ill afford to have issues with your auto keys, locks, or ignition. Within minutes, we can have a top locksmith technician at your location. They will have the experience, tools, and supplies needed to get you back in the driver's seat before your delay causes problems. We are experts with all makes, models, and years of cars
Our technicians are trained to understand an emergency call means it's an emergency. In a quick fashion, a mobile locksmith unit will be at your location to service your locksmith needs. As a 24 hour locksmith, we always have mobile units on call in your area.
Car keys can break, get lost, or get caught in the ignition. All of our locksmith technicians are trained in the art of opening car doors and cutting new car keys. No original key from which to work, no problem for us.
After a break-in or losing your keys, you might feel safer by simply changing the locks. That's a locksmith service we are proud to offer. We can even help you choose state-of-the-art locks that will improve the overall security of your home or office.

Why Choose Supreme Locksmith?

To be the top locksmith in Fremont, we have to earn that title by providing top locksmith services. That is exactly what our technicians do every time they answer a call. Why choose Supreme Locksmith?

First, our elite team of locksmith technicians is second to none. They are highly trained to be service providers who are fast, efficient, and always professional.

As far as providing services, we maintain a reliable system that ensures we can respond quickly to your call. When one of our locksmiths arrives on the scene, they will have everything they could possibly need to resolve your key/lock issue.

Finally, we offer our services 24/7/365 with satisfaction guaranteed. Best of all, we can offer you prices that are affordable and match up well with the competition.

Once you call Supreme Locksmith the first time to handle your locksmith needs, we are confident we will become the only locksmith you have remaining on your speed dial.

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Supreme Locksmith has state of the art locksmith equipment covering all major vehicle makes, we are able to make duplicate and replacement car keys, remotes, fobs, and much more.

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